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Every brand has a story. I'll help you tell it. (3).png

B2B Copywriting that
attracts & converts

...that means no fluff, no clichés, and no jargon. 

Hi, I'm Olive

I'm a B2B content and copywriter based in Guildford, U.K. 

When you're keeping up with multiple tasks, projects and business goals, producing effective copy and content is easier said than done. I should know: I've been in marketing for almost a decade.

My business goal is to help you generate leads and build thought-leadership with succinct, targeted copy and content. So you can smash your targets, save time, and get on with the bigger picture.

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"Olivia's copy is fantastic and it’s a pleasure working with her. She’s creative and regularly delivers high quality work. She took the time to understand Canary Technologies’ audience and products and it really shows. It’s a bonus that she’s well versed in the hospitality industry!"

Stephen Alemar, Content Marketing Lead


What can I do for you?

Blog Content & Strategy

Website Copywriting

I've helped B2B organisations triple their traffic and grab that coveted #1 spot on Google. How? With well-researched, SEO-optimised, engaging blog content. There's an art to it, if you ask me.

Email Copywriting

You've poured time and brain-power into a series of emails. So why are you getting so little traction? I'll help you create emails that make prospects want to hear from you! 

Attention spans are short; you need copy that gets straight to the point. Copy that converts. I use consumer psychology, SEO, and thorough market research to hook your ideal prospect. 

Case Studies

Your clients have stories to tell; stories in which your company is their knight in shining armour. I'll turn your products into tangible solutions to the most irritating of challenges.

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